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Join us on Saturday March 7th for a Financial Stewardship Workshop that will address Debt Management and Estate Planning from a Biblical perspective. You can attend both Seminars (Lunch Included), or one.

Our Guest Gord Baptist began his role as the Fellowship Advancement Director in January 2016 following 36 years in the financial services field. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of assisting countless people as they have tackled the often challenging matters of financial investment and estate planning. He has come alongside pastors and ministry workers as they have sought guidance in order to be wise stewards with the funds God has entrusted to them.

In his current role, Gord continues to assist church leaders, as he has done in the past, but is available to assist others from within the Fellowship as they investigate ways to wisely invest their funds and prepare for the future, furthering the Kingdom of God through the Fellowship Foundation.

Gord writes, "I am privileged to serve Him in this capacity for the sole purpose of seeing the Great Commission fulfilled through the generosity of God's people whereby we see missions advanced, the oppressed rescued, broken lives mended, churches planted, and souls won for Jesus Christ."

Estate Planning & Legacy Workshop:

It is a statistical fact that over 12.5 million Canadians do not have a up to date will. And those that do, do not consider giving any to a non-profit organization. However the giving through the Estate for believers is more prominent, but many fail to consider their local church as a means to leave a legacy.

At Fellowship National we are engaging God’s people to consider allocating a portion of their Estate, to tithe to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through Fellowship Ministries using our Fellowship Foundation. The Estate Planning Workshop that addresses the following:

 Why do I need a will?

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

The Basic Will – Step by Step.

Powers of Attorney.

Preparing to make a Will.

Means of Legacy Giving.

Through the course of the session, I’ll be instructing what are Wills, and the steps necessary to set up a basic Will. The importance and the means to set up Power of Attorney. The steps to prepare making a Will. And through Legacy Bequests, recognize the ordinance of giving and the ways to apply such. With emphasis, giving to the local church.

Debt Management Workshop:

One of the great challenges for today’s church congregates is the inability to give due to budgetary constraints in the form of debt overload. One way to help see God’s people overcome this form of financial bondage, to experience the freedom to advance God’s Kingdom not only throughout the world, but also in our local churches, is to address the root causes of excessive debt and mismanagement of the monthly expenses and to teach practical applications founded on Biblical teaching. The Workshop that addresses the following:

What is Wealth?

What is Financial Bondage?

How to get out of this Bondage.

How to Manage your Cost of Living.

Principles in Giving.

 Through the course of the session, I’ll be instructing on the root causes of debt overload.

·Provide a systematic approach to reduce and eventually eliminate Debt.

·Set up a system to control Monthly expenses.

·Create a home financial lifestyle of cash only.

·Recognize the ordinance of giving and the ways to apply such. With emphasis, giving to the local church.



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