Emmanuel Baptist Church - Foundations Discipleship Challenge

This Summer we challenge you to take the Foundations Discipleship Challenge. To find at least one person to personally disciple through our Foundations Discipleship Course. Foundations is a 6 Week Discipleship course designed by our Pastor (Peter Spragg) that study the following things:

1. Salvation: What it is & How you can be sure

2. Living the Christian Life

3. The Work of The Holy Spirit in Your Life

4. Overcoming Sin & Temptation

5. Our Purpose in the World

6. The Bible

It could be your children, your parents, your friend, your neighbour, someone in your small group. Just Disciple someone! Pick up a Foundations course front the front foyer of the church and start when you are ready. To Help keep you accountable, we also challenge you to fill the form in below.

We are called to BE Disciples and we are all called to MAKE Disciples.

Will you take the challenge?

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