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Message one WORSHIP     Notes

Message Two GROW    Notes


Message one: An Attitude of Humility   Video   Notes

Message two: An Attitude of Servanthood    Video    Notes

Message three: An Attitude of Obedience    Video    Notes

Message Four: An Attitude of Sincerity  Video  Notes

Message Five: An Attitude of Courage    Notes

A Vision for Discipleship Notes

Message One: Prepare Your Mind  Notes    Video

Message Two: Guard Your Heart Notes     Video

Message Three: Fix Your Eyes  Notes     Video

Message Four: Direct Your Feet Notes   Video

Message Five: Tame Your Tongue  Notes   Video


Sermon Notes Sunday June 6 2021 - Pastor Shawn


Sermon Notes Sunday May 30 2021 - Pastor Dan


Message One Notes - The Lord is My Shepherd

Message Two Notes - The Lord is My Peace

Message Three Notes - The Lord is My Strength

Message Four Notes - The Lord is My Protection

Message Five Notes - The Lord is My Blessing

Message Six Notes - The Lord is My Life

Finding Hope in the Valley of Tears Psalm 84  Notes      

Tears of Repentance Notes         

The Peace of the Lord Notes       

Your Tears will Turn to Joy (Good Friday) Notes        

You Are Not Alone (Easter Sunday) Notes      

No More Tears Notes