Emmanuel Baptist Church - Student Summer Jobs

We're Hiring

Emmanuel Baptist Church is partnering with Onside Athletics to serve families by providing the best summer camp experience. Through staff applications are facilitated by Onside Athletics, please note that all summer staff will be hired by the Emmanuel Baptist Church where the staff member will serve throughout the summer. 

Serious consideration is given to all applicants, as staff have a major impact on every child's camp experience. As a staff member you have the responsibility of providing for the camper and environment where they can excel, enjoy and experience a great week of sports and afternoon trips. 

If you would like to apply for a position, please do so only after your have thoroughly read the job description and application. If you meet all the qualifications and are able to meet all the expectations, pleas apply. 

Applications for summer 2018 are now open and due by March 2nd. Click Here to apply.