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Emmanuel began partnering in 2018 with the community of eNhlanhleni in Swaziland to support a ministry known as a care point. At the care point, approximately 200 children are fed a solid meal each day, are discipled to know Jesus and provided with basic medical care. Swaziland has the world’s highest rate of HIV/Aids infection and many of these children are orphans cared for by grandparents or other family members who are often overwhelmed with the financial burden. eNhlanhleni is in one of the poorest regions of Swaziland yet its people are working hard in this partnership, cooking the food, collecting the firewood and building a shelter for the cooking and a fence to protect the children.

As our partnership with that community develops, we are encouraged to send a team to visit the people of eNlanhleni and, at some point, may have the opportunity to help them with development projects to increase their sustainability. The Care Point is part of the ministry of Stephen and Charity Spragg through Adventures in Missions.

Stephen and Charity Spragg serve as missionaries in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), where they oversee 13 care points, which look after about 3,000 children, providing a daily meal, Christian discipleship  and  emergency medical care. Stephen has taken on the pastoral responsibility of leading and shepherding a local multi-cultural  church that uses English as it’s medium. English is a bridge between many cultures, and we desire to be a part of seeing how God will grow and create an incredibly diverse church that will live out His Kingdom culture, and in turn display His Glory.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please contact Peter Spragg at 613-969-7571 / peter@emmanuellife.com or Bob Burkinshaw at 343-600-4225 / robert.burkinshaw@gmail.com

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Stephen & Charity Spragg

Latest Update - April 2019


Kids are enjoying their delicious food and it makes them come more to the Carepoint. Life is not easy at some kids homesteads so coming at the Carepoint plays a vital role to them since that is where they get lunch(meal). The cooks make sure that the food is cooked and served nicely as much as they can.













The kids love coming at the Carepoint and that is where they meet one another to make friendships. Even though they don’t have a playground, they make some means for themselves to play at the Carepoint together. At the Carepoint that is where the kids play with joy, and showing love to one another and they get to learn more from the cooks and from their peers.












Kids when coming to the carepoint get to see the beauty of life outside from their homes where they are facing obstacles and that is where they have freedom to refresh their minds in every hardship they have at home.

The carepoint coordinator had a conversation with the kids, talking about God's standard. Chatting with the kids about how to live as a child of God. The kids seem to understand more of the bad things that they should not do as children of God, like they shared such as: do not smoke, steal, etc as children of God. Having this conversation with kids helped them a lot because they learn a lot from the coordinator.








A young boy called Sandile Dlamini (17) ASZ11094 shared that he has not been schooling since February because his parents can’t afford to pay his school fees. He shared that AIM is like his Father because he got a report that his school fees has been covered so he was able to get back to school. He also said that he will make sure that he studies hard and he want to change his family situation one day.

One of the cooks shared that it was very painful seeing Sandile every morning at the carepoint like the young kids because of dropping out from school due to lack of financials. The cook shared word of thanks saying "May the Lord God bless the hand that gives because without the donors we are nothing"

Kids are coming in numbers at the carepoint and they have taken responsibility for marking the attendance and it is amazing to see them doing that with love and understanding.

Prayer Requests:

Lets pray for the kids to put more effort at school since they are back from holidays.

Lets pray for the kids protection and safety.






Christmas Greeting 2018 from eNhlanhleni