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Emmanuel began partnering in 2018 with the community of eNhlanhleni in Swaziland to support a ministry known as a care point. At the care point, approximately 200 children are fed a solid meal each day, are discipled to know Jesus and provided with basic medical care. Swaziland has the world’s highest rate of HIV/Aids infection and many of these children are orphans cared for by grandparents or other family members who are often overwhelmed with the financial burden. eNhlanhleni is in one of the poorest regions of Swaziland yet its people are working hard in this partnership, cooking the food, collecting the firewood and building a shelter for the cooking and a fence to protect the children.

As our partnership with that community develops, we are encouraged to send a team to visit the people of eNlanhleni and, at some point, may have the opportunity to help them with development projects to increase their sustainability. The Care Point is part of the ministry of Stephen and Charity Spragg through Adventures in Missions.

Stephen and Charity Spragg serve as missionaries in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), where they oversee 13 care points, which look after about 3,000 children, providing a daily meal, Christian discipleship  and  emergency medical care. Stephen has taken on the pastoral responsibility of leading and shepherding a local multi-cultural  church that uses English as it’s medium. English is a bridge between many cultures, and we desire to be a part of seeing how God will grow and create an incredibly diverse church that will live out His Kingdom culture, and in turn display His Glory.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please contact Peter Spragg at 613-969-7571 / peter@emmanuellife.com or Bob Burkinshaw at 343-600-4225 / robert.burkinshaw@gmail.com

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Stephen & Charity Spragg

Latest Update - June 2020

The government there has been back and forth on locking down, loosening up, then locking down more drastically. As of this past weekend, nobody is allowed to travel around the country without an affidavit from the local police department certifying your travel is necessary. Total cases as of yesterday are 71 with 49 of those in the Mazini area with one death but contact tracing is showing community spread. 

We delivered hundreds of food boxes to families in all our CarePoint communities - including Enhlanhleni. The requests for food are on a significant increase. We've launched this campaign to help address the need. 

Our leadership training is on pause for the moment. Hopefully, in the next couple of months, we can get back on track. 

Since most of our staff live within walking distance to most of our communities, we are able to keep track of children as they are staying home.  

Thanks for sticking with us in this season

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Bob at robert.burkinshaw@gmail.com or call him at 343-600-4225.

Above is a picture of the new cooking shelter that a special donation from Emmanuel paid for. The old cooking shelter was in very bad shape and collapsed during a recent storm.  It had not been able to protect the food and the grandmothers who were cooking it from the wind, the rain and the dust. It is wonderful to see how quickly the new cooking shelter was raised. 

The friends that visited the carepoint also did a home visit of child headed family. The kids are carepoint kids and their mom died in 2003. Then they stayed with their grandmother for a few years and their father. Due to family issues the father built another home and he moved out with the grandmother and they left the kids to stay alone. These kids look out for themselves, helping one another to grow. They have been staying alone for more than five years and the house that they are having is falling and when it is raining they stand on their feets since the house is leaking. Life is tough on these kids and they think on what to eat everyday while they are doing their primary school. The team helped the kids with food of which they used for a few days. Someone has provided them with cement and bricks for building a home for these kids. These materials will build the wall of the house and now the kids are in need of the roofing material and labour money and few things like windows and doors. With God all will be good and the kids will get to see God's power through their situation.

Testimonials from locals about the carepoint

Hlobsile Msibi (11 Years old) shared her love for the carepoint. She shared that she loves meeting her friends at the carepoint and more especially eating with them. She also mentioned that she loves a lot when she sees a program staff like the carepoint coordinator visiting the carepoint.

Make Mamba, a community member shared that having the carepoint is like having everything for the community because the kids will grow up with God and be able to change the whole community situation. With that the kids will also be able to teach the future generation the right way to live.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the sheppard as he has moved to the eNhlanhleni area to be protected and for him to give more of what he has learnt as a leader to the kids.

  • Pray for the carepoint kids to have a positive mindset no matter how hard the situation is at their homestead.

  • Pray for the carepoint development, especially for God to provide the carepoint with proper cooking structure since now this one is in great need of repairs.

CarePoint Plan for eNhlanhleni 2020