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We are trying out a new one on one Discipleship program at Emmanuel called XChange. This program is designed to provide discipleship and spiritual growth in a deeper level of relationship and spiritual transformation than can often not be found in a group experience alone, that utilizes the life-changing power of one-to-one relationships. It's ultimate goal is to see discipleship multiplication, seeing every disciple become a disciple maker.

Xchange involves meeting one on one with a trained disciple maker, for about 2 hours every other week. There are 5 different courses that end with the disciple being trained to become a disciple maker - the biblical principle of multiplication.


Here is brief Description of each course: 

Next - A 12 week course designed for new believers that works through the basics of the Christian faith such as Identity, The Bible, Prayer, temptation, community, serving, and the Will of God.

Xchange Zero - A six week course that looks at Foundational beliefs

Xchange One - A six week course that looks at our Relationship with God

Xchange two - A six week course that looks at our relationship with others

Xchange Three - A six week course that prepares the disciplee to become a Disciple maker.

The Xchange discipleship program is free, has a great online platform with an easy app to use, and we believe can be highly effective in our fulfill our call and mission at Emmanuel to make disciples, that will in turn make disciples.

If you are interested in being trained as a disciple maker or would like to be discipled, or have more questions, fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you. You can also download the free app available (see below)

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