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Backpack Ministry

Update on Ministry for 2022!  Despite Covid restrictions over the past two years the Backpack Ministry has persevered and has been able to bless both farms and workers. This is a list of the farms we connect with and the number of workers they bring from abroad. Greer's Asparagus Farm -14 men, Lakeshore Farms -5 men, Apple Dabble Orchards - 5 men, Waupoos Winery - 4 men, Laundry's Market Farm - 3 men, Hagerman Market Farm - 4 men, Hillier Creek Estates -2 men, Fiddlehead Farm -2 men, 2 women,Three Dog Winery - 1 worker, Fosterholm Farm - 3 workers, Vader's Pea Farm - 3 men, Sensenstine Landscaping -1. \Not only are the workers themselves quite grateful for the supplies but it is really an outreach to the farmers. We are hoping to hold a Caribbean night once again in June. We still have half of the backpacks to finish packing and deliver, and that will happen most of this coming week. Emmanuel and community have been very generous. Cathy Snider donated several of Larry's hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. to the cause and many have given cheques to support the ministry.  Thanks again for all the support and prayer. God bless, Backpack Ministry Team
Farms we serve :Greer's Asparagus Farm, Lakeshore Farms, Fosterholm Farms, Hagerman Farms, Laundry Market Garden, Mill Creek Farm, Creasy Apple Dabble Farm, Fiddlehead Farm, Waupoos Winery, Hillier Creek Estates and Three Dog Winery. 
Donors: County Dental Care, Home Hardware, St. Vincent de Paul, Giant Tiger, Sudds &Stuff , UCB Canada. We also received numerous financial donations and boxes of items from our generous community which made filling the backpacks a joy!!!! For the fourth year in a row we were able to purchase some rubber boots, pots and pans and rain wear to go with the backpacks, which was very needed by the workers.
Our team consisted of Mary Ann & Bill Barrett, Angela Williams, Lauralee and Bryce Crocket, and Aline Garrett. Hamed Hassani  delivered backpacks to two farms in the Waupoos area for which we are grateful.
The last of fifty backpacks and duffle bags were delivered today and we Thank God for another successful year for this ministry. Thanks again to all who supported this ministry in big and small ways. 

Needs list: Clothes can be lightly used and in good condition - backpacks, mens hoodies, t-shirts, toques, ball caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shoes/boots, raincoats, granola bars, facecloths, hand towels, pen and paper, work gloves, shampoo, men's socks, bibles, No Frills or Tim's gift cards -any amount, shaving cream ,razors, cooking pots with lids. All donations are very much appreciated. Please call 613-393-3014 to arrange donation.

Contact: Bill and Maryann Barrett brindlewood@gmail.com