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Emmanuel Christian Counselling Services

Emmanuel offers Professional Christian Counselling services to those who regularly attend our church. We have someone in our church who is our intake person who will work to setup you up with a staff person or a professional Christian Consellor. Everything is done with compassion and confidetiality. 

Through this program we offer up to 6 sessions a year in a solution focused counselling model with a professional counselor who is a Christian and who can help you develop a strategy to cope with and resolve a variety of issues including marriage difficulties, adolescent and children's issues, bereavement, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction and abuse. Services include individual, couple, family and group counselling.

There are several counselors who have been carefully selected in our congegration or geographical area. All Counselors are professional , experienced counselors with a passionate commitment to Christ, each with a degree in their field ad a member in good standing of a professional regulatory body.

This service is free to all current  and regular attenders of Emmanuel. Please speak to a Pastor or staff member who can direct you to these services or you can call our intake person (Heather Prinzen) direclty at 613-920-0608. Heather will ask you a few questions to determine the best counselor and way to proceed, then you will be contacted directly by a staff person or Counselor. 

To contact a Emmanuel staff person, click here.