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At Emmanuel we believe in  Marriage Ministry and are working on building a strong Marriage Ministry Team to support the covenant of marriage. We believe strongly in Biblical marriage and that it is a critical part of our discipleship journey. Marriage is one of the most consistent ways that God uses to challenge and equip couples to follow Jesus. 

We believe that Marriage is a righteous and holy union created by God, fulfilling God's plan and design for one man and one woman to be joined in lifelong relationship with God at the center. Our desire as a church is to uphold and support couples as they realize Gods plan for their lives and marriage according to God's Word. (Genesis 2:18-24Proverbs 18:22Malachi 2:13-16Matthew 19:4-61 Corinthians 7:1-402 Corinthians 6:14Ephesians 5:21-33Hebrews 13:4 )

Our Marriage Ministry includes: Pre-marriage preparation for those couples planning to marry through our SYMBIS assessment and pre marriage mentoring. The SYMBIS assesment is also availble for any couple to do at any point in thier marriage and work through with one of our Marriage Mentors. If you are interested in taking the SYMBIS assesment and going through it with one of our trained marriage mentor coupes, click here.

We also have Marriage Mentoring for those couples experiencing challenges in their marriage relationship or who want to just check up or improve where they are at. We will pair you up with a trained marriage mentoring couple who will meet with you several times and work through our Family Life Marriage Mentoring material. You can learn more and fill out the applicaiton for mentoring here.

Throughout the year, we also offer different Marriage Enrichment Events, Courses, and small groups to encourage and build your marriage relationship on God's principles and Word. Please check back regularly to our church events page here to stay updated on all our marriage ministry opportunities. 

We also offer Free Professional Christian Counselling through our Emmanuel Counselling Services. If you are in need of this, you can start the process at our website page here.

If you are looking for information on getting married and having your wedding at Emmanuel or officiated by one of our Pastors, click here.

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