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Yes, we have a text number! You can text us anytime and one of our staff will be glad to get back to you! You can also use Keywords to get links to more information, check out the list below and simply text those word or words to the number above!

PRAY - anytime your text includes the words "pray" or "prayer" it goes directly to our list of prayer requests that we check frequently and pray through as a staff.

NEW - text "new" to be get a link to our connect card at Emmanuel

GIVE - text "give" to get a link to ways that you can give at Emmanuel

SMALL GROUPS - text "small groups" to get a link to our small groups page where you can sign up

CELEBRATE RECOVERY - text "Celebrate Recovery to get a link to more information about our Celebrate Recovery Program

RIGHTNOW - text "rightnow" to get the link to sign up for a free subscription through Emmanuel to RightNow Media