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Who Should Get Baptized?

We believe at Emmanuel that the Bible teaches  that every person who has repented from sin and turned to faith in Jesus should be Baptized. It is often one of the first acts of obedience for a new believer in Jesus. A person is not required to be perfect or have everything "together", only to have made a sincere decision to follow Jesus. People are often tempted to hesitate, thinking that they are not ready and that there are areas of their life that have to change first. This is not what the Bible teaches. The truth is that you are ready to be baptized as soon as you understand the responsibility to do it.

Why Get Baptized?

At Emmanuel we believe that Baptism is a fundamentally important step in the life of a Christian. It is often the first step of becoming a disciple and follower of Christ. It is also an important step of identification within the church. At Emmanuel we believe that Baptism is a heart issue, an as a person grows in the Faith a desire to be identified with Christ will result in an eagerness to go through the waters of Baptism. We believe It is the duty of the Elders and Pastors to encourage all members to be Baptized by immersion, and in so doing demonstrate obedience and a closer walk with Jesus our saviour.

Although you will learn during the Baptism Course what we believe the Bible teaches about Baptism, we believe in Baptism for four main reasons.

  1. Jesus did it
  2. The Apostles taught it
  3. It allows you to publicly declare your faith in Christ
  4. Jesus commanded it! Baptism is an act of obedience to Jesus and a Public declaration of what He has done in your life.

How do I Get Baptized?

We generally plan for 3-4 Baptismal services throughout the year at Emmanuel during our worship services. Previous to being baptized, each person is required to take a baptism course lead by a staff member. This is often as a small group. On the day of the Baptism we ask each person being baptized to share a brief testimony of their spiritual journey and to answer the question 'Why they want to get Baptized'. They are welcome to have someone who has had an important spiritual impact on their life to stand with them and pray for them as they get baptized. 

Download a Biblical guide to Baptism here: /photos/custom/A Biblical Guide to Baptism Emmanuel Version.pdf

If you are interested in being baptized or would like more information please let us know by filling in the form below and one of our Staff will be in contact with you.


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