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The team received a very warm and sincere reception by all in the Community. The kids came to the Camp expecting a really good time, and they had told their friends about the Camp, so new kids joined in, with about 50 attending in all.

A new format this year gave opportunity for leaders to work in smaller groups which created opportunities for the men to interact with the teen boys and the women with the girls. There was a tremendous group of teen leaders. All of them connected with the young kids and showed God's Love to them.

One of the many stories that came out of the camp this week was a young teen girl who came, as she has done for the last 4 years. Dawn Kerr invited her to be her helper (Leader-in-training) for the week. This allowed one-on-one time that led to a wonderful discussion between them about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit one morning. It was completely natural the way the discussion developed - Dawn has known this girl and built a friendship with her over the last 3 years and she showed a keen interest in what Dawn had to tell her. She asked some questions and listened very carefully to all Dawn told her about her personal experience with Jesus. It was thrilling for the Team to hear about this amazing gift and give thanks for this encounter! Three siblings of this young girl also attend the Day Star Camp.

Please Pray for:

  • Continued good relationship with the people of Wasauksing and particularly with Maggie, who works in the admin office.
  • Some other Christian groups have been creating problems for Day Star camps. They are not under the Day Star umbrella, and have been very aggressive in their presenta- tion of the Gospel, as well as insensitive to the culture of the First Nations people. Pray that this will not turn communities against other Christian groups.

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