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Next Steps


At Emmanuel, we believe that Discipleship Starts with WORSHIP. Corporate Worship.  A commitment to gather every week with the whole body of Christ to exalt God to His rightful place in our lives, to encourage, serve and love one another. We encourage everyone to make our weekly worship gatherings a priority to grow and mature in our faith! Click here to learn more about our Weekly Worship Gatherings!








After a commitment to our Weekly Worship Gatherings, we encourage every person at Emmanuel to Grow further in their walk with God through a commitment to Going deeper in God's Word and in Biblical friendships with a smaller group of believers by joining a small group, Bible Study, or Ministry Group (ie: CR, Mops, Youth Ministry). Here you will find the keys to continue growing for a lifetime in Jesus. Click to learn more about our small groups, Bible Studies, & Ministry Groups.








After a commitment to our Weekly Worship Gatherings, and getting plugged in to Grow in one of our Small groups, Bible Studies or Ministry Groups, we encourage everyone to find a key place to Serve the body of Christ at Emmanuel. We believe that this starts with discovering and using our spiritual gifts in your small group. Then consider serving  on a Ministry Team at Emmanuel. Don't overdue it! Start with one ministry, test it out (You are not locked in forever!). Take the time to find your place to serve at Emmanuel. You can try our simple spiritual gift test here, check out the places and ministry to serve at Emmanuel here, or contact us here and we would be glad to sit down with you and help you find your place!