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New Life Girls Home 

We are celebrating our 30th year of ministry. Over a year ago we were given $50,000.00 in donations for the kitchen. We were thrilled! Then the professionals were brought in only to find out that to bring everything up to code would cost at least 5 times that price. The decision has been made to sell 112 Edward Drive in Consecon and build closer to Belleville. We are also rebuilding the program content and direction to incorporate a continuing education component. A huge change   like this is never easy, but necessary. We will be having a second Designer Dinner, Monday Oct 1st at The Salvation Army Church in Belleville. Please come and fellowship with us and find out about this adventure that we are one.

In May of this year we had our final graduation at 112 Edward Drive, Consecon. I currently meet with our local grads as we are carrying on the ministry team as these ladies love the Lord. In our intermission time we are also doing weekend workshops with young women and their supports. Contact: 4executivelgh@gmail.com

Dawn Bailey-Elbourne, Interim Director