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One on One – Flames2Fire Ministries

To help accomplish our Mission in Making Disciples to Maturity in Christ at Emmanuel, we want to recommend a couple one on one Discipleship courses that can be used.

First is the XChange Small Circle app and program that can be found online through the link at our Website here. It starts with a simple follow course for new believers called next that can be done in about 12 weeks. It also has a deeper course (Xchange) that takes a year to 18 months. You can try it on your own with another or sign up to go through it with a Discipler who has been through the course. For mor info contact us via email here.

Other Courses that we recommend as well that you can check out are the UNSTUCK Course which can be found and used for free here, and the Discover App as well which you can learn more about here

  The Unstuck Life — Grace Baptist Church  The Alpha Course – Michelle Lesley