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Message one - Called to Be Holy    Notes    Video

Message two - Refiners Fire    Notes    Video




Message one - Salvation    Notes    Video

Message Two - Living the Christian Life    Notes   Video

Message Three- The Work of the Holy Spirit   Notes   Video

Message Four - Overcoming Sin & Tempatation   Notes   Video

Message Five - Our Purpose in the World   Notes   Video

Message Six - The Bible   Notes   Video

Message Seven - Grow Roots & Bear Fruits   Notes   Video

Message Eight - The Church   Notes   Video


Message one - Words of Forgiveness  Notes   Video

Message two - Words of Salvation & Hope  Notes   Video

Message three - Words of Affection  Notes   Video

Message four - Words of Anguish  Notes   Video

Message five - Words of Suffering  Notes   Video

Message Six - Words of Victory   Notes    Video

Message Seven - Words of Peace   Notes   Video


Message one Grace, Peace, Partnership and Purpose   Notes   Video   

Message Two Live Life in View of Eternity      Notes   Video   

Message Three Change your Thinnking   Notes   Video

Message Four Shine Like Stars  Notes   Video

Message Five Right Confidence Notes   Video

Message Six We are Kingdom People Notes   Video

Message Seven Its a Secret  Notes   Video

Message Decemeber 31 2023   Notes   Video


Message one HOPE  Notes   Video

Message two PEACE  Notes  Video

Message three JOY  Notes   Video

Message Four Love  Notes   Video

Message one Called to Stand in the Gap    Notes    Video

essage Two Becoming Men & Women of God    Notes    Video

Message Three The Secret to Contentment   Notes    Video

Message Four Choose Life   Notes    Video

Message Five Learning to Trust  Notes    Video

Message Six How Long will you waiver  Notes    Video

Message Seven Living with expectation  Notes    Video

Message Eight My Hope is Only Jesus  Notes    Video

Message Nine I'd Rather have Jesus  Notes    Video

Message Ten Your Appointment with God  Notes    Video


Worship Grow Serve - WORSHIP     Notes   Video

Worship Grow Serve - GROW      Notes     Video

Worship Grow Serve - SERVE     Notes      Video


Ephesus - Remember your first love     Notes    Video

Smyrna - Rich in Christ, we will not be shaken     Notes    Video

Pergamum - No compromise     Notes    Video

Thyatira - Hold on to the truth    Notes    Video

Sardia - Wake Up    Notes    Video

Philadelphia - An open door for the faithful Church    Notes    Video

Laodicea - Let Jesus in and be on fire for God       Notes    Video


Happy Father's Day 2023: Images, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Pictures,  Greetings, Cards and GIFs - Times of India

Father's Day Message   Notes    Video


Blessed are the poor in Spirit    Notes    Video

Blessed are those who Mourn    Notes    Video

Blessed are the Meek    Notes    Video

Blessed are those who hunger & thirst after righteousness   Notes    Video

Blessed are the Merciful    Notes    Video

Blessed are the Pure in Heart    Notes    Video

Blessed are the Peacemakers   Notes    Video

Blessed are the Persecuted   Notes    Video


No one is immune to doubt, not even Jesus

April 19th 2023 Doubting Thomas   Notes    Video


Easter Sunday | Second First Church

Easter Sunday 2023 The Tomb is Empty   Notes     Video

Easter Drama Presentation Video



Palm Sunday 2023 Message   Notes   Video



Message One: Go in the Presence and Power of God    Notes    Video

Disciples Making Disciples Message two Give what you have     Notes    Video

Disciples Making Disciples Message three Live with Courage     Notes    Video

Message Four - My Circumstances are God's Appointments Acts 8     Notes    Video

Message Five - Evidence of the Grace of God - Acts 11:19-30     Notes    Video

Message Six - Overcoming Conflict     Video

Message Seven - Turning the World Upside Down - Acts 17     Notes    Video

Message Eight - Our cirumcstamces are Gods Megaphone -      Notes    Video


Sunday December 11th - Great News of Good Joy     Notes    Video

Sunday December 18th - The Promise of Peace     Notes    Video


Message one - Learn to Stand Alone      Notes      Video

Message Two - Finding Peace & Wisdom      Notes      Video

Message Three - Living for the Purposes of God      Notes      Video

Message Four - Becoming Faithful      Notes      Video

Message Five -Humble Yourself      Notes      Video

Message Six - Heed the Warnings      Notes      Video

Message Seven - Full Surrender      Notes      Video

Message Eight - Keep your Eyes on Jesus      Notes      Video

Message Nine - Jesus is Coming Again      Notes      Video

Message Ten - The End Times     Notes      Video

Message Eleven - Is Your Name in the Book    Notes      Video

Message one - Worship      Notes       Video

Message two - Grow      Notes       Video

Message three - Serve     Notes       Video


Message One   Notes      Video

Message Two   Notes      Video

Message Three   Notes      Video


Message One - Surrendered     Notes     Video

Message Two - Changed     Notes     Video

Message Three - Obedient     Notes     Video

Message Four - Sincere     Notes     Video

Message Five - Reliant     Notes     Video



Message one - Is there more to life than this?   Notes    Video

Message Two - Who is Jesus?  Notes   Video

Message Three - Why did Jesus have to Die?  Notes     Video

Message FIve - Why, How & When should  I Pray?  Notes    Video

Message Six - Why, How should  I Read the Bible?  Notes   


Message One "Surrender"  Notes     Video

Message Two "Commitment"  Notes     Video

Message Three "Finding Faith" (Easter Sunday)  Notes     Video

Message one Winning the Battle for our Minds    Notes     Video

Message two Seek First His Kingdom    Notes     Video

Message Three The Peace of God, Guarding our heart & mind    Notes     Video

Message Four Why are You so Fearful?    Notes     Video

Message Five More Than Conquerors    Notes     Video


Message 1 - Knowing God Leaning to Live by Faith     Notes      Video

Message 2 - The Lord is Peace, shut the door on sin     Notes      Video

Message 3 - Recognizing God's Call on your Life     Notes      Video

Message 4 - Doing God's Will God's Way     Notes      Video

Message 5 - Learning to Trust God in Difficult Situations     Notes      Video

Message 6 - Being Faithful to the End, My Legacy     Notes      Video

New Years Message January 2 2022 "Living Beyond Yourself" Notes

New Years Message January 9 2022 "Living Beyond Yourself  Part 2" Notes


Join us this Christmas Advent Season for A Season of Expectation as we prepare for Christmas, Jesus coming. Find Notes and links for the Advent season messages below. Join us at Emmanuel at 9am and 11am each Sunday Morning, and live online as well at 9am on our YouTube Channel

Message One - Finding Peace in the Midst of Hopes & Fears  Notes

Message Three - Love  Notes


Message one - From Fisherman to a Fisher of men   Notes

Message two - Living by Faith not by Fear   Notes

Message Three - Dealing with Doubt   Notes

Message Four - What Happens When You Fall   Notes

Message Five- Restored and Commissioned  Notes

Message Six- Revival and My Part in it Notes

Message Seven - Breaking Down Barriers Notes

Message Eight - Living in Freedom & Peace Notes


Spiritual Gifts Ephesians 4:7-13 Notes

Message two - Living by Faith not by Fear   Notes

Message one WORSHIP     Notes

Message Two GROW    Notes

Message Three SERVE    Notes


Message one: An Attitude of Humility   Video   Notes

Message two: An Attitude of Servanthood    Video    Notes

Message three: An Attitude of Obedience    Video    Notes

Message Four: An Attitude of Sincerity  Video  Notes

Message Five: An Attitude of Courage    Notes

A Vision for Discipleship Notes

Message One: Prepare Your Mind  Notes    Video

Message Two: Guard Your Heart Notes     Video

Message Three: Fix Your Eyes  Notes     Video

Message Four: Direct Your Feet Notes   Video

Message Five: Tame Your Tongue  Notes   Video


Sermon Notes Sunday June 6 2021 - Pastor Shawn


Sermon Notes Sunday May 30 2021 - Pastor Dan


Message One Notes - The Lord is My Shepherd

Message Two Notes - The Lord is My Peace

Message Three Notes - The Lord is My Strength

Message Four Notes - The Lord is My Protection

Message Five Notes - The Lord is My Blessing

Message Six Notes - The Lord is My Life

Finding Hope in the Valley of Tears Psalm 84  Notes      

Tears of Repentance Notes         

The Peace of the Lord Notes       

Your Tears will Turn to Joy (Good Friday) Notes        

You Are Not Alone (Easter Sunday) Notes      

No More Tears Notes