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Rick & Martha Bradford - SIM Nigeria

Rick & Martha have a great ministry to the Fulani people in Nigeria. To learn more, click on one of the links below to learn more. Martha is developing a Music school to teach how to read and write music. Also creating a pastor's resource center as well as a children's creative learning center. She also teaches Christian music history at a local bible college. Rick has transitioned to an outreach ministry into the community and into the bush. Creatively developing bush schools to the unreached Fulani peoples who live in remote areas. Bringing opportunity for those to hear the bible in their own language using Solar powered talking bibles. Developing relationships with the local church to band together in reaching other tribes for the gospel

For the Bradford's latest Update (The Bradford Exchange), including prayer requests Click Here.

Contact the Bradford's by Email at bradford.rick@gmail.com and follow them on Facebook as well here