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Rick & Martha Bradford - SIM Nigeria

Rick has been transitioning from being involved with the maintenance & construction at the mission hospital, to becoming the community and outreach facilitator. As facilitator, he is working with the various tribes around the community, with a particular emphasis on the “Fulani” people. Part of this involvement includes developing a small school room settings to teach the Fulani to read and write. This is challenging, and a wonderful opportunity to show God’s love. Lately, Martha has been involved with training Nigerian young people in learning to read and write music for worship. They are currently working on creating a recording studio so to produce CDs of the music they are writing.

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Needs and Prayer Requests

As missionaries, raising financial support is a concern to keep at the top of our requirements, but also for the ministries. Building small schools costs $12,000 for the whole package for 50 students and 2 teachers. Thanks for your prayers Contact: bradford.rick@gmail.com