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Trinidad & St.Vincent

Every year we send 50 - 100 barrels of clothing, food, medical supplies, crutches, shoes, bikes and wheelchairs etc. to the islands of Trinidad & St. Vincent. The clothes are collected in the bin outside the church. We work with Ruth Bastedo, a lady who originates from the island of St. Vincent. The barrels are dispersed between several churches, hospitals and schools, and the barrels themselves are used for collecting rain water.

Needs & Prayer requests

  • That the clothing, medicines and food being shipped in barrels would reach the islands safely during this time of the hurricane season.
  • For a cure for the new illness that causes severe rashes and boils, that seem to be predominant on the islands
  • For the end to Voodoo, pagan beliefs, witchcraft in both places.
  • That God's goodness and love would bring New Life in Christ to these people.

Contact: Ken How kenjanhow@yahoo.com