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We have a small team of people representing Emmanuel, visiting our Carepoint in Enhlanhleni Eswatin at the end of May! To pray for them, please find a prayer list Below. Learn more about our Ministry & Mission in Eswatini here.


May we ask that you pray for us in the following areas? (as well as any other areas that God may lead you to pray for us)

Team unity. That we would remain united in purpose, enjoy each others' company and continue to work closely together regardless of anything we might encounter. 

Team flexibility. We have a carefully planned and very full schedule of activities and meetings but have been warned that plans can suddenly change in that culture, seemingly without reason. We have been advised to be flexible, to hold our plans loosely and be open to however God might be leading us.

Health and safety. We have received our travel meds and shots and will have a Swazi staff member to guide us and keep us safe. However, we do ask for your prayers for our health and safety. With 3 of the team near or above 70 years of age, we are a little more aware of our need for God keeping us all healthy.

Cultural and relational sensitivity. A primary purpose of the trip is to build relationships with people in that community: children and youth, family members, volunteer cooks, community leaders and AIM staff members. We will receive some cultural orientation but ask for your prayers that we are able to build good and culturally appropriate relationships. We understand that the cultural differences make it easy to be misunderstood so we are asking God for special wisdom and sensitivity. 

Spiritual input. We are praying that our time be spiritually fruitful. We will be sharing scripture and praying with volunteers, staff members and in homes and will be teaching the discipleship classes for the children at the Care Point for the week. Peter needs prayer in particular as he will be leading us in teaching the discipleship classes and, in addition, he has been asked to preach at the church in Nsoko and to meet with pastors in the region. 

Wisdom and insight into development plans for the Care Point. As we meet with various groups, we will be trying to discern how God is leading us regarding various development projects that have been requested by the community. It is important that we gain a good understanding of the concerns and needs of that community.

Days for Girls session. Donna (and Hannah) will be teaming up with a Swazi representative of Days for Girls to make a presentation to older girls of the Care Point and women of the community. We have arranged to purchase a large number of reusable feminine hygiene products from the Eswatini Days for Girls organization for distribution. We are asking God that this will meet the needs of many women and girls.  

Finances. God has blessed this trip through the incredible generosity of the congregation. All of the projects planned for the trip have been funded and some help has been given for team member costs. In addition, there is a good amount remaining to go toward whatever project God might be leading us to recommend funding. 

For joy and peace in all that we do as we work to build relationships and encourage the people of that community. May we represent Jesus and the good people of the Emmanuel congregation well. 

Thank you and blessings!